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What Nik Knows

Sep 23, 2020

Welcome back to the What Nik Knows podcast! I’m your host Dr. Nikki Sammet! If you are pregnant or postpartum and you like fitness this episode is for you!  If you’re anything like me you probably wondered or may be wondering when your body is ready to get back to exercise after you have a baby or what is safe during your pregnancy journey. Today’s guest will help us determine what is the best type of exercise and when we should get back into it. On the show today is Erica Friedman!  Erica is the founder of Erica Friedman Wellness, dedicated to helping moms feel strong and powerful at all stages of motherhood. As a Certified Pre-& Postnatal Fitness Coach Erica creates fitness programming that prepares moms for pregnancy, labor, postpartum recovery, and the activities of daily life as a parent.

Her goal is to equip you with the knowledge, strength, and function to heal, move well, and have the energy for the toughest job you'll ever love - motherhood. She offers 1:1 personal training and group training (virtually and in person), with a focus on core + pelvic floor health and rehab, and a safe (re) introduction to movement postpartum.


Here’s what you’re going to learn from today's conversation:

✔️ Why breathing is the MOST IMPORTANT exercise you will do

✔️ What to talk about with your OBGYN at your 6 week check up

✔️ How you can work muscles that we use in everyday mom life

✔️ Moving back into fitness gradually 

✔️ Everyone’s body is different 

✔️ Covid has had major impact on postpartum care

✔️ Mom guilt is REAL 

✔️ Why seeing a pelvic floor PT is essential to understanding our bodies and birth recovery

✔️ Our motherhood identity and how to grow forward rather than working from our old selves 


Here is all of Erica’s contact information and if you offer The What Nik Knows Podcast you’ll get a free consultation with her!

Instagram: @ericafriedman_wellness